Some more info…

We have created a comfortable, secure and safe space for members to share cannabis. We aim to be accessible and not to discriminate against anyone. 

Whether you are a person wanting to learn a bit more on the subject, a patient with a medical condition which cannabis can help or a veteran smoker, you will  feel welcome in our private space.

We have been sourcing a fantastic variety of products, of all kinds and forms to choose from.

We proudly carry a wide range that has passed our high level of standards. Our brand name represents a level quality guaranteed to please everyone. 

We request that members conduct themselves in a civil manner and are respectful towards each other. 

We would like to invite you in to come and experience a milestone in South African cannabis culture and be a part of this historical occasion.

By accepting membership and signing up, you agree to all terms and conditions that apply. One of which is this being a  private club, not open to the public. 

Please note that this is a strictly no under 18’s establishment. 

Keeping it classy,

Betty Boop 

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